Date: 20th February, 2019
Time: 18:00 – 19:30
Duration: 1,5 h (90 min)
Price: Free
Address: 21 Dariaus ir Girėno St., Vilnius
Language: English
Speaker:  Jūratė Baltrušaitytė-Glodenė, Chief Commercial Officer Lithuanian Airport
Organizers: Kazimieras Simonavičius University, Friendly Avia Support

Meeting #10 – When the market dreams of direct flights to NY or Buenos Aires, is airport route development a job for professionals or a fool’s errand?

It is often debated who is The Customer of an airport company – is it an airline or a passenger? Knowing the answer sets marketing USP‘s and sales pitch straight for airport route development teams. How Lithuanian airports compare to other countries?

It takes a while to know the steps of the airport – airline crazy tango. But who is leading the dance? Who is making the decisions on new destinations, frequencies, schedules? Shall we fly VNO to JFK direct one day?

Some airlines are notoriously known for aggressive approach to doing business or even leaving airports in cases of major disagreements, some do it quietly and never look even at the region. So how to say NO to your biggest customer‘s demands?

Who is making money in the business after all?

About the speaker

Jūratė Baltrušaitytė-Glodenė
Chief Commercial Officer Lithuanian Airport

Jurate is known as an aviation commerce professional, enthusiastic speaker and passionate traveler. She had been with Lithuanian Airports for nearly fifteen years, resigning in mid-2018 from the latest role of Chief Commercial Officer Lithuanian Airport company.

Over the years, her core achievements were in the areas of route network development growing the passenger and cargo volumes while bringing new airline services in; raising the non-aeronautical revenues via development of traditional and unconventional airport projects as well as ‘Routes Europe 2016 Highly Commended’ rewarded marketing efforts at the three Lithuanian Airports.

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21 Dariaus ir Girėno St., Vilnius

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