Vilnius renews funding programme to attract international conferences

On March 1st this year, a renewed programme to support international conferences was launched, initiated by the official development agency of the City of Vilnius “Go Vilnius”.

The Inspiring Story of Algimantas Žemaitaitis: From Aviation Management to Champion Runner

“To get good results, you have to like what you do,” says Algimantas Žemaitaitis, a third-year student in Aviation Management at Kazimieras Simonavičius University (KSU). Immersed in the world of aviation through his studies, work, and friendships, Algimantas has found a sector that resonates deeply with him.

KSU Hosts International Guests Through Erasmus Collaboration

May has been a vibrant and enriching month at KSU, filled with esteemed guests from across Europe.

Get to know the conference's keynote speaker Prof. Dr. István Hoffman

The 4th international scientific conference "Challenges to Modern Law: An International Perspective," will shortly begin, and we look forward to it!

Meet the conference Keynote speaker Ralf Rogowski

We are excited to announce that the 4th International Scientific Conference will start next Monday! We would like to introduce one of the conference keynote speakers - Ralf Rogowski.

Invitation to the 4th International KSU scientific conference

The international scientific conference “Challenges to Modern Law: An International Perspective” will be held on May 27–28 at Kazimieras Simonavicius University (KSU).

US Astronaut Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper: "I Never Wanted to Give Up"

On the momentous date of May 9th, Kazimieras Simonavičius University (KSU) was graced with the presence of Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper, a decorated astronaut with an impressive tenure at NASA.


Bachelor’s degree programme in Business Management at the Kazimieras Simonavičius  University is not only provides theoretical knowledge, but also creates additional opportunities for all-round development. The university encourages creativity, independence and enterprise.

Grėtė Indičianskytė

Business Management

This non-standard study programme not only opens the way to achieve your dream – piloting, but also provides special knowledge about other fields of aviation. It is special in that not only fellow students, but also teachers are from all over the world! It gives the opportunity to get to know and understand not only the aviation, but also culture of other countries.

Goda Janušauskaite

Aviation Management