Academic Integrity: A Continuing Challenge for Universities

On June 17th, the Vice-Rector of Kazimieras Simonavičius University (KSU), L. Tauginienė, participated in a pivotal discussion on scientific and academic integrity.

7 Blitz Questions & Answers with Victoria Kuchuk from Ukraine

My name is Victoria Kuchuk, and I’m 18 years old from Dnipro, Ukraine. In 2023, I graduated from Gymnasium 138 with a silver medal.

Students are welcome to apply for the NORDPLUS intensive course on Security Risk Management in Riga

Due to the global processes in the world, we are coping with many threats – cyber-security threats, hybrid-threats, security of energy and uses of different resources.

Supporting a Professional Footballer: KSU Student Dockaitė's Experience

This season, the sports uniforms of the Vilkaviškis football club Šešupė are proudly displaying the logo of Kazimieras Simonavicius University (KSU).

KSU hosts the 4th International Scientific Conference "Challenges to Modern Law: An International Perspective"

On May 27-28, Kazimiero Simonavičiaus University (KSU) hosted the 4th International Scientific Conference titled "Challenges to Modern Law: An International Perspective."

Vilnius renews funding programme to attract international conferences

On March 1st this year, a renewed programme to support international conferences was launched, initiated by the official development agency of the City of Vilnius “Go Vilnius”.

The Inspiring Story of Algimantas Žemaitaitis: From Aviation Management to Champion Runner

“To get good results, you have to like what you do,” says Algimantas Žemaitaitis, a third-year student in Aviation Management at Kazimieras Simonavičius University (KSU). Immersed in the world of aviation through his studies, work, and friendships, Algimantas has found a sector that resonates deeply with him.


Being smaller than other universities, it offers opportunities to interact with other students and Erasmus students.

Haruto Masuda (Japan)

Business Management

At KSU, the practical aspects of the studies were highly praised by my friends who were either studying there or had graduated.

Algimantas Žemaitaitis (Lithuania)

Aviation Management

KSU offers one of the strongest Aviation Management programmes in Europe, with integrated IATA courses.

Victoria Kuchuk (Ukraine)

Aviation Management