Nr. 01.2.2-LMT-K-718-02-0019

Project is implemented under funding of European Regional Development Fund.

Project duration 2018 11 – 2021 10.

Project aim to create new type digital Big Data platforms that allow us create, organize and use digital content for economic and social wellbeing of society using new methods joining Big Data and Future Foresight methodologies.

Project SMART specialisation area: Inclusive and creative society, Technologies and processes for the development and implementation of break-through innovations.

Project will develop:

  • New Open Innovation management tools with Big Data Foresight;
  • R&D product (KIBS – knowledge intensive business services);
  • New E-commerce and business management tools for Big Data Foresight;
  • R&D product (Big Data pilot model);
  • Summary report of testing;
  • 6 scientific articles and 3 conference papers;
  • 1 scientific conference.

Research leader prof. Jari Kaivo-oja.

Principal researchers: prof. Arūnas Augustinaitis, prof. Steffen Roth, dr. Theresa Lauraeus, dr. Mathew Ferns Mathew, dr. Austė Kiškienė, Darius Verbyla ir Mikkel Knudsen.