Following the university strategy for the year 2012-2018 and in pursuit of strategic objectives, i.e. increasing the efficiency and internationality of scientific activities of the university, in 2015 the university established the Project Development Centre.

The Centre is focused on ensuring the active involvement of the university in international projects and strengthening the image of the university as a reliable and competent participant and partner of projects at the international level.


Main tasks of the Centre:

  • coordinate and administer the university’s ongoing projects;
  • collect, organise and publicise among the university’s divisions the information about calls for proposals;
  • submit proposals to the university’s division some opportunities to participate in the project, and join international consortia of partners;
  • advise the university departments and professors on the matters of international and national project proposal preparation, project execution and reporting;
  • to engage in the procurement monitoring on the topics relevant to the university and to ensure the university’s participation in them.


Head of Project Development Department
Jūratė Balčiūnaitė

Mob. +370 614 15741

E-mail: jurate.balciunaite@ksu.lt