Modern university

It is a young and growing university, distinguished by its flexibility and ability to take bold, innovative solutions.

Studies for the future

KSU is focused on specialties not only today required but in the future. Study programs, their modules are viable and drafted in accordance with the global labour market forecasts.

Focus on community

Every member of the community – students, faculty, administrative staff – is important for KSU. We believe that a strong community is the basis for the university life. Initiatives, ideas and proposals arising from the community are highly welcome and encouraged.

Beginning of career

KSU programs, practice, advice, training methods are prepared so that after studies graduates can start a successful career in the chosen field.

Promotion of entrepreneurship

The University encourages and supports student business initiatives and creation of start-ups. KSU students have the opportunity to test their abilities in the management of real projects, for example, currently, students run the student hostel management – from interior solutions to the administrative decisions.

Development of creativity

Thinking wider and see more is what our students are taught. Creative and original way to solve problems, apply non-traditional methods to implement ideas.

The study system focused on students and on the quality

Small groups of students allow teachers and administrative staff to divide personal attention to each student.

Combination of knowledge and practice

University team includes experienced academics and successful practitioners of business, law, and IT. Constant promotion of student involvement in practical work.

The University is constantly expanding its global communications network

At least one foreign teacher in six months and active involvement of students in mobility programs. Constantly expanding international network of partners in Europe and the world, thus enabling international experience for students, faculty and administrative staff.

Lifelong learning principle

KSU regularly organizes various courses, training and seminars not only for its students, but also professionals in their fields, seeking development, more knowledge, and new skills.