Advanced students study for free

1 from 10 advanced students (average grade 9+) gets scholarship covering 50% or 100% tuition fees. Based on each session results every student has an opportunity to study for free the following semester.

Erasmus+ scholarships up to 700 Eur/month

Possibility to get Erasmus+ scholarship for up to 1 year and study in another European university or do internship in a company abroad.



Discounts for KSU graduates

KSU graduates get 45% discount on tuition fees entering Bachelor or Master studies.



Foreign students may apply for Lithuanian state scholarship. More information:

Study programmes in English

Study programme Location Studying form and duration (years) Tuition fee per semester, EUR*/


Qualification degree
F F (S) EEA countries Non-EEA countries
Aviation management Vilnius 3,5 2300 3000 Bachelor of Business Management
Aviation Management (ONLINE) Vilnius 3,5 2300 3000 Bachelor of Business Management
Entrepreneurship and management Vilnius 3,5 1750 2250 Bachelor of Business Management
Organizational innovations and management Vilnius 1,5 2250 2250 Master of Business Management
Future Foresight and Strategic Governance Vilnius 1,5 2250 2250 Master of Public Administration
European Union Law and Global Challenges Vilnius 1,5 1500 1500 Master of Law
International Commerce and Business Law Vilnius 1,5 1500 1500 Master of Law

F – Full-time studies – lectures are held on working days
F(S) – Full-time studies organized in sessions – lectures are held 8 times per semester

*For all programmes Application fee  – 100 Eur


Программы обучения на русском языке

Программа обучения Город Форма обучения Продолжительность (годами) Плата за обучение (за семестр), EUR* Степень квалификации
Управление бизнесом (менеджмент) Вильнюс oчная 3,5 2250 Бакалавр управления бизнесом
Индустрии развлечений и туризма Вильнюс oчная 3,5 2250 Бакалавр социальных наук
Право и экономическая безопасность Вильнюс oчная 3,5 1100 Бакалавр права

*На все программы регистрационный взнос заявки – 100 EUR

Payment and refund Policies

  • All refunds will only be made to the bank and account holder (or other financial institution) that originally paid the fee.
  • Cash refunds are not made.
  • Documentary evidence of visa refusal is required before any refund.
  • All refunds will be calculated in Euro. The University will not refund any shortfalls due to exchange rate fluctuations, or offer compensation for any bank or other charges incurred.
  • In any case, University admission application fee (100 Euro) is non-refundable.

No refunds will be made:

  • If visa has been approved,
  • If any document submitted for admission is found as false

International bank transfers should be made to:

Application fee and tuition fee must be paid to the following account:
Recipient’s code: 111968775
Recipient’s bank: Luminor Bank AB
Recipient’s account: LT 854010 0424 0030 9151
Swift code: AGBLLT2X

Please note that student has to cover the bank fee for the International Transfer operations. More information about international students admission and payments can be requested by e-mail admission@ksu.lt