Welcome to Lithuania!

Moving to another country can be challenging, especially when adapting to a different culture. The KSU team has gathered useful tips to help you settle into your life in Lithuania.

Upon arrival, board bus 3G heading towards the ‘Eišiškių plentas’ stop. This journey to the campus takes approximately 5 minutes and costs up to 1 EUR.

Alternatively, you can book a taxi via the Bolt or Uber app.

If arriving by train, take direct bus 4 heading towards the ‘Eišiškių plentas’ stop. This ride takes about 20 minutes and costs up to 1 EUR.

Alternatively, you can book a taxi via the Bolt or Uber app.

Public transport is reliable in Lithuania, with buses and trolleybuses running regularly. Students enjoy substantial discounts on transportation tickets (daily, monthly, and yearly) and are encouraged to use public transport.

One of the first steps upon arriving in Vilnius is to install the TRAFI app on your mobile device. This app provides comprehensive information on routes and schedules in English for all major cities.

KSU does not have a dormitory. You can rent an apartment using Lithuania’s largest announcement portal, Aruodas. According to Aruodas, in August 2023, prices for a 1 room apartment in Vilnius were around 420 EUR. Keep in mind that you can share an apartment with someone else, and there are cheaper options available as well.

If you prefer to live alone or more comfortably, consider these options:

After obtaining your Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) for studies, no additional work permits are needed to engage in employment. According to the labor code, students are allowed to work up to 40 hours per week.

There are three major mobile service providers in Lithuania:

You can purchase a prepaid SIM card from any press kiosk or grocery shop at supermarkets. Each provider offers various rates and terms, allowing you to choose the best option for your needs.


Enjoy free wireless internet access in most public places, including libraries, parks, and squares. Many cafés, bars, and restaurants also offer free Wi-Fi; just ask the staff for the password.