• How to apply for studies at KSU?

Use Apply online! – Kazimieras Simonavicius University (ksu.lt).

  • What study programmes you offer in English for International students?

We offer Bachelor’s and Master’s study programmes on campus and online.

  • What documents should be provided with application?

Please upload a copy of your passport/ID and educational documents listed in Admission | KSU page: Country Specific requirements.

  • My passport expires during the application process or first year studies. What should I do about it?

The passport should be valid at least for 1 year and 3 months from the start of your studies. If not, you should submit a new passport.

  • Is it required to provide IELTS, TOEFL or other English language certificate?

No, we do not require English language test, but you will be invited to the online Interview.

  • Do students have to attend Interview?

Yes, Interview is an obligatory part of admission process.

  • How many intakes KSU offers?

KSU has two intakes per year: Fall Intake (main) and Spring Intake

Fall Intake – semester starts in September.

Spring intake – semester starts in February.

More information is here: Admission | KSU

  • What is the deadline to submit the application?

Application deadline is 2-3 months prior start of studies

Fall intake  – application deadline is June 1

Spring intake  -application deadline is December 1

More information is here: Admission | KSU

  • Is there application fee for Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programmes?

Yes, there is 100 eur non-refundable application fee. Payment information will be indicated in the invoice issued in your online application system account. There are two payment options: by bank transfer and online. An online application will be processed only under the status “Submitted” when all the required documents are attached, the application fee is paid and collected.

  • Can I pay tuition fees in installments?

The tuition fees for the first year should be paid before visa or TRP application. The payments from the second year are parted for each semester and can be paid by instalments.

  • Can I transfer credits from another university?

Yes, you should provide official transcripts from other university.

  • Can I apply for Master’s if my Bachelor’s degree is in another field?

It depends on Master’s study programme.

For Master’s in Law programmes only Bachelor’s degree in Law is accepted.

For Master’s degree in Management or Social sciences you could be accepted from different field, but may additional credits apply (up to 30 ECTS credits at additional fee).

  • Are there any age limits for enrolling at university for Bachelor’s or Master’s degree?

Applicants shall be at least 17 years old. There is no maximum age limit for enrolling at university.

  • Do you offer scholarships?

Yes, more information is here: Tuition fee and scholarships | KSU

  • Do I need a visa to come to study to Lithuania?

Non-EEA citizens should apply for visa or TRP at https://www.vfsglobal.com/. Students may apply from any visa or TRP centre.

  • Does KSU university issues Mediation (Invitation) letter for visa or TRP?


  • Do you organize Welcome week for International students?

Yes. At the beginning of September international students are invited to join KSU Welcome week events.

  • Can I work during my studies and after graduation of university?

Yes, students allowed to work 40 hours per week on Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) basis. If you arrived on Visa (D) basis (in your first year of studies) – you are not allowed to work. After graduation students allowed to stay for 12 months to look for a job.

  • Where can I find information about accommodation?

Please look here: Admission | KSU Step 4 Accommodation.


Didn’t find an answer? Please contact us on admission@ksu.lt