The library of Kazimieras Simonavičius University is an academic library. It collects, manages, protects and provides to readers documents issued in Lithuania and abroad. The largest part of the Library’s collection consists of the literature of social sciences, law and business. The library has textbooks of management, mathematics, business economics, finance, banking, art, history, aviation, foreign language studies, monographs and periodicals. Library funds are continually complemented with new literature, increasing the number of copies of specialty literature.

The goal of the library is to develop it as an informational structural foundation of knowledge (education, science and innovation) that creates learning environments, learning in life and space and lifelong learning, using the latest digital technologies and customer service techniques.



  • Catalogue (ALEPH)
  • KSU research publication database (dissertations and articles of the faculty)
  • The University is subscribed four databases: Infolex, Emerald, EBSCO, and Taylor&Francis
  • Reading room (the reading room has 15 places. Readers can always use computers; the reading room has wireless Internet.
  • Paid services: document printing and copying (the student must purchase a copy/print card*)

*A copy/print card can be purchased in the departments of full-time and part-time studies, and in the library. Price of the card for 100 copies – EUR 3

Visitor memo in the library:

  • The library is open to all visitors
  • Registration requires an ID document or a student certificate
  • No registration is required for KSU students and faculty upon furnishing a valid KSU student card (LSP) or KSU employee ID card;
  • Publications of the library fund can be carried off the library only by the KSU community members and for a fixed period of time. The period is indicated at the time of issue of the books, and in self-service on the computer receipt.
  • The reader cannot take more than five publications simultaneously.
  • The term of publications can be extended (upon arrival at the library or asking by e-mail), if relevant publications are not subscribed by other readers.
  • Not all publications of the library can be taken away. The last copy in the reading hall is not allowed to take away. Readers can read these publications in the reading room.
  • If the reader does not return the publication (publications) on time, he cannot get new books.


Dariaus ir Girėno str. 21, LT-02189, Vilnius

Tel. +370 5 213 6713

E-mail biblioteka@ksu.lt

Subscribed databases

* If you have any questions about the databases please apply to a librarian.

Open access databases