From Sri Lanka to Lithuania to study at KSU


Sri Lanka. Saveen Randula’s photo.


Šri Lanka is a small island located in South Asia. With the area of 65,000km2, Sri Lanka is almost the same size as Lithuania. You can find a magnificent diversity of flora and fauna, of landscape and seascape and varied climate conditions from arid to cold. A diverse and multicultural country, Sri Lanka is a home to a few religions and languages. It is also a great tourist destination in South Asia. “We have eight world heritage sites including 8th Wonder of the World, Sigiriya (Lion Rock). And we make the finest tea in the world as well as we are the second large tea exporter in the World”, says Saveen Randula who came to Lithuania to study Aviation Management at Kazimieras Simonavičius University (KSU). Conversation with Saveen is about his way to Lithuania, Sri Lanka and his studies at KSU.


Saveen Randula. E. Nakvosaite’s photo

Lithuania and Sri Lanka seem to be very different countries. Is there anything that surprises you while living in Lithuania?

Here I found very peaceful, good environment, friendly and helpful people. The main difference is cultural difference, of course. Sri Lanka has rich culture based on Buddhism. Since I have been a few months in Lithuania, I may need some time to learn about its culture.


You study Aviation Management. How do you like your studies?

I think it is really interesting and enjoyable subject to study, and I do enjoy studying in KSU under an Aviation background and excellent lecturers.

How the idea to study in Europe did came to you?

My grandfather was an aircraft engineer who worked for Royal Air force, and he studied in the UK. He used to tell me how advanced aviation industry is in Europe. Since Europe has a magnificent development of aviation field, I always wanted to come to Europe to study.

Is it popular to go to study abroad in your country?

Yes, it is very popular. More and more people are going to China, Australia, New Zeland and Europe.

Šri Lanka. Saveen Randula nuotr.

Sri Lanka. Saveen Randula’s photo.


Did you came here after the high school?

Yes, I finished high school in Sri Lanka and then went to China to study Chinese. My father works there. I searched for Aviation Management in China but unfortunately, there is no such a study programme in China’s universities. They have only Aviation training but there is no Aviation Management studies.

How did you choose the University?

I search through the internet and I found many universities in Europe, but only KSU provides more subjects.  I applied directly to the University.

What do you do here on your free time? Have you found any interesting activities in Vilnius or other places of Lithuania?

The old architecture of the city and the beautiful views has attracted me so much. As a history explorer and photographer, I would love to read history and take photographs on my free time. I have not visited other cities yet because of my visa problems which I had on the way to Lithuania I did not want to go anywhere. I am afraid of that.

You do not have to worry now. Lithuania is a safe country.

Yes, that was one of the reasons why I came here. I checked other countries like German and USA but my dad did not want me to go to there. I also checked the UK universities but KSU offers more subjects. That is why I chose KSU. The Consul in Sri Lanka has also recommended Lithuania because it is a safe country.

What are your plans for the future (education, career, etc.)?

I am planning to continue my studies on Aviation until Masters Level. I will start my carrier in Aviation filed in Sri Lanka.