Come to KSU as an exchange student and spend 1 or 2 semesters on the basis of Erasmus+ or bilateral agreements between universities.

Required documents:

  1. application form,
  2. learning agreement,
  3. copy of the passport (for non-EU/EEA citizens) or ID card,
  4. copy of European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or private health insurance policy (for non-EU/EEA citizens).

Duly filled, signed and scanned documents must be sent to international@ksu.lt. No documents have to be sent by post.

Application deadlines:

Autumn semester and whole academic year – 1st June

Spring semester – 1st December.

Late applications are accepted only on exceptional cases.

NOTE! KSU is able to accept 30 students per semester, and applications are accepted on the bases first come, first served.

KSU has not decided yet which study mode will be applied in autumn 2021 – everything depends on pandemic situation. There might be two possible scenarios:

1.                   Everything will be organized online (in such case there is no need to come to Lithuania).

2.                   KSU may offer blended studies, when theoretical lectures are organised online and only workshops – on-site.

Only in the beginning of August it will be clear which scenario is applied in autumn semester.

Regarding the requirements for prevention of COVID-19, students, coming from any country, have to bring negative result of COVID -19 test done not earlier than 72 hours before their entry to Lithuania AND stay in 10-day self-isolation after arrival to Lithuania. However, the situation is unstable, and it is difficult to predict what requirements will be applied in autumn. More information on requirements for prevention of COVID-19 is available here.


NOTE! Students may choose courses from any department. 10 places are available in each course.

NOTE! There might be slight changes in the course list in the beginning of each semester. Courses are opened, if at least 6 students are enrolled in the course.

Academic year 2021/22

Autumn semester

Welcome week 15 – 17 September

Classes 20 September – 23 December

Exam session 3 – 28 January (including make-up exams)

Spring semester

Welcome week 2 – 4 February

Classes 7 February – 27 May

Exam session 1 – 30 June (including make-up exams)

KSU uses ECTS and the following grading system:


Pass/fail system Grading system Definition Approximate equivalent in ECTS Percentage of each grade with respect to the total passing grades awarded
PASS 10 (excellent) Excellent performance, outstanding knowledge and skills (excellent) A 15 %
9 (very good) Strong performance, good knowledge and skills (very good) B 20 %
8 (good) Above the average performance, knowledge and skills (good) C 20 %
7 (highly satisfactory) Average performance, knowledge and skills with unessential shortcomings (highly satisfactory) C 20 %
6 (satisfactory) Below average performance, knowledge and skills with substantial shortcomings (satisfactory) D 15 %
5 (sufficient) Knowledge and skills meet minimum criteria (sufficient) E 10 %
FAIL 4, 3, 2, 1 (insufficient) Knowledge and skills do not meet minimum criteria / below minimum criteria (insufficient) F-FX

International Coordinator
Kristina Šlekienė

Tel. +370 5 250 7443
Mob. +370 686 34423
E-mail international@ksu.lt