Invitation to the open lecture about Life Skills in the 21st century

Date: 4th October

Time: 12:30 – 13:30

Place: 211 room, Kazimieras Simonavicius University.

Language: English

On October 4th, Dr. Louise Tidmand, Associate Professor at the University College of Copenhagen, will visit Kazimieras Simonavicius University and give an open lecture ”Life Skills and Life-do-ability in the 21st century – the what, why and how?”

The lecture will introduce the construct Life – do – ability and link it to the life skills, that the 21st century calls for. What are these life skills and how are they different from earlier? What does it mean to be life-do-able and how may higher education and students support each other in developing life skills and life-do-ability?

Louise Tidmand is a Danish “pracademic” – a practitioner and an academic. Her PhD research focuses on developing life coping skills, resilience, and wellbeing in adolescents through a whole school approach intervention. Louise is a teacher and educational psychologist, and she has devoted the past ten years to transform research into tangible educational materials for teachers, parents and students to work with in a school or home setting. Her books and games have received recommendations from the Danish National Board of Health and the Danish Board of Social Services.

Louise is passionate about connecting research to everyday lives through strength-based methods and approaches that will enable schools to develop Positive Education school cultures. Through her business The Strength Academy, she educates and trains professionals, who work with children and young adults, in social-emotional learning, strengths, wellbeing and life coping skills. As part of her PhD Louise was enrolled at the Centre for Positive Psychology at the University of Melbourne, an experience that added an international perspective to her research. It also gave her the opportunity to visit pioneer Positive Education Schools around Australia, speak to teachers, school managements and world leading researchers about the core of Positive Education, future directions of positive psychology, and wellbeing literacy.