Kazimieras Simonavičius University in cooperation with Lithuanian Association of Hotels and Restaurants, is organising an open lecture named “Tourism, hospitality and experience industry of Tomorrow”. On April 30th 10 AM, the lecture will be given by Vesa Heikkinen, a Finnish expert of tourism, hospitality, food industry and services. The lecture is intended for tourism professionals, partners, lecturers, students and graduates of Kazimieras Simonavičius University. Duration of the lecture – 45 min.

The topics of the lecture:

  • ​Tourism, hospitality and experience business before 3/2020
  • When is this over? What should companies do now?
  • Customers, services and products of Tomorrow

Vesa Heikkinen Antero is a Future Researcher in the fields of tourism hospitality, food industry and services. He is a Senior advisor on European tourism, hospitality, experience and food industry, service innovations, principle lecturer at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, and Expert columnist of Aromi journal. He holds a doctoral degree in Pedagogy.

Vesa Heikkinen

Vesa Heikkinen Antero’s research, innovation and teaching areas:

  • Service, food and hospitality innovations
  • Business insight and foresight in tourism, hospitality, food and experience industries
  • Service and experience design
  • Tourism, hospitality and experience trends
  • Future food
  • Future airport, shopping malls, fairs, meetings
  • Future of destinations, theme parks, hotels, restaurants and services
  • Digi-physical experiences
  • Skill analysis, qualifications in service industry
  • Service robotics, wearables, multi-sensory spaces
  • Ambient and design management

Registration will be held here up to April 29th.