May has been a vibrant and enriching month at KSU, filled with esteemed guests from across Europe. These visitors have come to share their experiences, insights, and expertise with our students and faculty, creating a dynamic exchange of knowledge and fostering international collaboration.

 A Thought-Provoking Lecture on Cultural Interactions

One of the highlights was a lecture by Susran Erkan Eroğlu from Osmaniye Korkut Ata University in Turkey. Eroğlu’s presentation, titled “Cultural Crossroads: Enhancing Interactions in Diverse Environments,” was a thought-provoking exploration of how cultural diversity can be leveraged to create more inclusive and effective interactions in various settings. The lecture provided valuable insights into the importance of cultural sensitivity and adaptability in today’s globalized world.

Electoral Rights of EU Citizens

We also had the pleasure of hosting Marta Czakowska and Michal Czakowski from Kujawy and Pomorze University in Bydgoszcz, Poland. Their captivating lecture on “Electoral Rights of EU Citizens” delved into the legal and social dimensions of electoral participation within the European Union. Their insights highlighted the significance of understanding and exercising electoral rights, emphasizing the role of informed citizens in democratic processes.

The Evolving Role of Academic Libraries

Barbara Lkowalczuk from Eastern European University of Applied Sciences in Bialystok, Poland, together with KSU’s Head of Communication and Information Resources, engaged our audience with a discussion on the evolving role of academic libraries in the contemporary study process. They addressed how the need and function of physical books are changing and discussed the new skills that librarians must acquire in light of the widespread digitization of educational materials. This session underscored the importance of libraries adapting to technological advancements to continue supporting academic success.

 Thanks to the Erasmus Program

These enriching visits were made possible by the Erasmus program, which fosters international collaboration and provides our students with access to a global network of knowledge. The program’s support has enabled KSU to host these distinguished guests and offer our community invaluable learning experiences.