Kazimieras Simonavicius University (KSU) launches a new International Master’s Degree programme in Aviation Management, starting September 2024. This initiative extends our existing bachelor’s degree in aviation management, broadening the academic horizon and offering an advanced educational path in this dynamic field. Enrolment is now open, welcoming students from across the globe.

Building on a legacy of excellence

Under the guidance of KSU Rector Prof. Dr. Jolanta Bieliauskaitė, the addition of the master’s programme is a testament to KSU’s longstanding expertise and commitment to aviation management. “The introduction of the master’s degree in aviation management signifies a key advancement for KSU and demonstrates our deep roots and continuous innovation in the aviation sector,” says Prof. Dr. Jolanta Bieliauskaitė. This development is not only a stride forward for the university but also for Lithuania, enhancing the country’s standing in the international educational arena.

A closer look at the master’s programme

The programme is crafted to cater to the evolving needs of the aviation industry, preparing students to become professional aviation specialists and managers. With a curriculum delivered in English and designed around the requirements of the global market, the programme includes a robust lineup of expert lecturers and industry practitioners from around the world.

Curriculum and learning approach

The master’s programme focuses on developing managerial and leadership skills tailored for the aviation industry. Courses are designed to address the latest trends and practices, equipping students with knowledge and skills relevant to their future careers.

Flexible learning for professionals

The bachelor’s degree programme in Aviation Management at Kazimieras Simonavicius University is among Europe’s most sought-after choices in this field. Each year, it draws students not only from Lithuania but also from other European and Asian countries. “The exceptional academic and professional achievements of our students underscore the programme’s effectiveness, with many alumni quickly advancing in their careers. This success can be attributed to the programme’s global approach, which includes instruction from world-renowned aviation experts and practitioners and fosters a network of like-minded professionals who collaborate and grow together. Recognizing the demands of professional life, the programme offers a continuous distance learning format, allowing students to manage their studies alongside work commitments. Our programme is specially designed for those who are already part of the industry and are looking to elevate their careers without sacrificing their current roles,” explains Deimantė Žilinskienė, Head of KSU’s School of Business Innovation and Communication.

Career opportunities and industry connections

As highlighted by Aleksandras Nemunaitis, Chairman of the Board of the National Aviation Association LAVIA, the aviation industry extends far beyond the traditional roles of pilots and cabin crew.

“Despite the absence of national airlines, Lithuania boasts a robust aviation network with Lithuanian-owned companies managing approximately 250 aircraft globally. These operations are primarily based on the Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance (ACMI) model, which enhances efficiency by allowing airlines to share resources and optimize flight operations. This model is pivotal in a country like Lithuania, where the aviation landscape is shaped by these unique operational strategies,” states Nemunaitis.

According to him, “the significance of KSU’s specialized studies in Aviation Management is evident as thousands of professionals’ work from Lithuanian offices to manage and operate flights across the world. This industry-specific education ensures that aviation companies have access to well-trained professionals, fostering a workforce capable of meeting international standards and demands. The master’s programme at KSU, therefore, is not just an educational pathway but a vital component in supporting the aviation industry’s infrastructure and operational needs in Lithuania and beyond.”

Graduates of the programme are well-prepared for high-level positions such as middle or senior managers, team leaders, and supervisors in various sectors of the aviation industry. The course also lays a foundation for students interested in launching startups within the aviation field.

Collaboration and networking

KSU’s programme emphasizes networking, bringing together like-minded professionals and building a community that supports career and personal growth. Our partnerships with leading aviation companies and associations ensure that our curriculum remains industry-relevant and provides our students with unmatched professional opportunities.

We invite aspiring aviation managers and professionals looking to advance their careers to apply to this innovative master’s programme. At KSU, you will gain not just an education but a stepping stone into a promising future in the aviation industry.

For more details about the programme and to apply, please visit our website: Aviation Management Master

Congratulations to KSU students who have successfully defended their bachelor’s and master’s theses!
The Master’s and Bachelor’s theses were defended by students of Integrated Communication, Organizational Innovation and Management, Fashion Industries, Entertainment and Tourism Industries, Business Management, Entrepreneurship and Management, and Aviation Management.
We would like to thank all the participants of the Defense Commission for their valuable experience and insights, as well as our social partners: Darius Čepulis, Head of Teltonika B2B and IoT Academies; Jomantė Vaitkutė, stylist; and Aleksandras Nemunaičius, Chairman of the Board of the National Aviation Association LAVIA.

Congratulations to Masters of European Union Law on successful completion of a double diploma! These are the second graduates at our university, who studied in a double degree studies, implemented together with Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

We would like to wish all the students career highs and let these diplomas be the leap of their life to an international and perspective career!  

Our sincere thanks to the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv for the cooperation in implementing this unique study programme. 

More information about the programme and study opportunities is available on our website: https://ksu.lt/en/master-studies/european-union-law-online/.