“To get good results, you have to like what you do,” says Algimantas Žemaitaitis, a third-year student in Aviation Management at Kazimieras Simonavičius University (KSU). Immersed in the world of aviation through his studies, work, and friendships, Algimantas has found a sector that resonates deeply with him.

Hailing from the small town of Lukšiai in Lithuania, Algimantas moved to Vilnius to pursue his dreams. In the capital, he quickly discovered not only a supportive community but also a new passion: running. His dedication to middle-distance running has propelled him to impressive heights, culminating in his victory as the Lithuanian 800 metres champion in the winter season of 2024.

Balancing his rigorous academic schedule and athletic training, Algimantas still finds time for travel, socializing with friends, and enjoying the company of his puppy, Džiugas. His multifaceted life is a testament to his commitment and time management skills.

When asked about his academic journey, Algimantas reveals that KSU wasn’t his first choice. After graduating high school, he initially enrolled in another university’s aviation-related program. However, he soon found the quality of education and career prospects lacking. Upon learning about KSU’s Aviation Management program from friends who praised its practical approach and supportive faculty, he made the switch.

“At KSU, the practical aspects of the studies were highly praised by my friends who were either studying there or had graduated,” says Algimantas. He emphasizes the importance of the university’s flexibility, which allows students to balance work, studies, and personal interests. This supportive environment was crucial in his decision to transfer to KSU.

Although Algimantas is not currently working directly in the aviation sector, he finds the knowledge gained at KSU broadly applicable. “The skills and knowledge I’ve acquired, such as airport infrastructure planning, creating airline projects, and analyzing airline budgets, are relevant in various fields,” he explains. These practical experiences, coupled with the university’s comprehensive infrastructure for quality education and internships, prepare students for real-world challenges in the aviation industry.

When asked how he manages to balance his studies, work, and running, Algimantas Žemaitaitis emphasizes the importance of time management. “Discipline, time management, patience, determination, and a focused pursuit of results are useful not only in sports but also in studies,” he explains.

Thanks to a flexible study schedule at KSU, Algimantas is able to work, train, and plan his travels. “It’s very convenient to be able to join lectures remotely. If I can’t attend, I can always review the lecture recording. I can often arrange exams at a time that suits me, without sacrificing any of my other activities,” he says. He also appreciates the university’s opportunities to connect with real aviation professionals who sincerely and devotedly share their experience, advice, and knowledge. “It’s great to learn from people who have achieved a lot in this field. KSU lectures are not just dry theory,” Algimantas notes.

Algimantas remains active outside the classroom as well. He coached the university’s running team, participates in university events, and represented KSU in Lithuanian student athletics competitions. “The opportunity to engage in other activities allows me to grow as a person,” he says.

To future students, Algimantas advises listening to themselves, evaluating their interests, and finding friends who can share their university experiences.