On June 17th, the Vice-Rector of Kazimieras Simonavičius University (KSU), L. Tauginienė, participated in a pivotal discussion on scientific and academic integrity. This event delved into the effective integration of integrity education within school curricula and explored collaborative efforts between policymakers, researchers, and academic institutions to foster integrity and address misconduct.

Vice-Rector Tauginienė emphasized that the critical factor is not the students’ age but the stage at which they begin their science education. At this juncture, students can enhance their understanding of privacy (often linked to confidentiality and data protection in research) and the principle of benevolence (related to informed consent and the right to withdraw from research). She stressed that ethical sensitivity requires time to develop and should be nurtured gradually, for example, through participation in citizen science projects that combine the efforts of professional and amateur researchers.

The discussion featured notable participants including Prof. Krista Varantola, former chair of Finland’s National Board on Research Integrity and leader of the working group for the 2023 European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity, and James Parry, Chief Innovation Officer at the UK’s Research Integrity Office (UKRIO). Dr. Sabine Chai, head of the Austrian Agency for Research Integrity, moderated the session.

These thematic discussions, known as EduTalks@CoE, are periodically organized by the Council of Europe’s Platform on Ethics, Transparency, and Integrity in Education (ETINED). Representing Lithuania on this platform is Ieva Vaiciukevičienė from the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education.

We invite you to listen to the recorded discussion: EduTalk@CoE on Research and Academic Integrity on Vimeo.