Kazimieras Simonavičius University in cooperation with Lithuanian Association of Hotels and Restaurants, is organising an open lecture named “Tourism, hospitality and experience industry of Tomorrow”. On April 30th 10 AM, the lecture will be given by Vesa Heikkinen, a Finnish expert of tourism, hospitality, food industry and services. The lecture is intended for tourism professionals, partners, lecturers, students and graduates of Kazimieras Simonavičius University. Duration of the lecture – 45 min.

The topics of the lecture:

  • ​Tourism, hospitality and experience business before 3/2020
  • When is this over? What should companies do now?
  • Customers, services and products of Tomorrow

Vesa Heikkinen Antero is a Future Researcher in the fields of tourism hospitality, food industry and services. He is a Senior advisor on European tourism, hospitality, experience and food industry, service innovations, principle lecturer at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, and Expert columnist of Aromi journal. He holds a doctoral degree in Pedagogy.

Vesa Heikkinen

Vesa Heikkinen Antero’s research, innovation and teaching areas:

  • Service, food and hospitality innovations
  • Business insight and foresight in tourism, hospitality, food and experience industries
  • Service and experience design
  • Tourism, hospitality and experience trends
  • Future food
  • Future airport, shopping malls, fairs, meetings
  • Future of destinations, theme parks, hotels, restaurants and services
  • Digi-physical experiences
  • Skill analysis, qualifications in service industry
  • Service robotics, wearables, multi-sensory spaces
  • Ambient and design management

Registration will be held here up to April 29th.


Today the community of Kazimieras Simonavičius University congratulated the students for the most advanced achievements. KSU Rector Prof. Dr. Arūnas Augustinaitis, Director of the Study Department Ieva Nadvaravičiūtė, Director of the Business School Deimantė Žilinskienė and Director of Institute of Creative Society and Economics Dr. Mindaugas Kazlauskas awarded the students with study grants to pay for the upcoming semester.

Last semester excellent results were achieved by 1st year students of Aviation Management Simas Linkevičius and Ana Marija Sokolovskaitė, Entrepreneurship and Management student Nikita Mudrak, Fashion Industry student Miglė Bivainytė, Entertainment and Tourism Industry student Jekaterina Smagina, 2nd  year Marketing and Advertising student Erik Miliuškevič, 3rd year Aviation Management student Marta Kovalchuck, Law student Liudmila Legkova and Fashion Industry student Gloria Šamsutdinova.

Very good results were achieved by 1st year students of Aviation Management Emilia Koščic and Donata Navelskytė, and 2nd year students of Fashion Industry Laura Naidzinavičiūtė and Simona Vysockaja.

We kindly invite KSU students and others to open lectures at Kazimieras Simonavičius University given by international lecturers.

11 April – Lecturer Toth J. Zoltan from Karoli Gaspar University (Hungary) will give lectures “Constitutional development and current constitutional system of Hungary” and “Death penalty and human rights: how to find the balance in multi – national societies”. Lectures will start at 10.15 in room no. 210.

16 April – Lecturer Mustafa Algül from Nisantasi University (Turkey) will give lecture “The history of Turkish cinema and its industry”. Lecture will start at 14.20 in room no. 212.

The traditional final ceremony for the graduates of KSU was held on Friday, 29 of June at Kazimieras Simonavičius university. 45 graduates received their diplomas this year. 29 of them graduated with bachelor’s degrees and 16 with  master’s  degrees in Law. We invite you the photo gallery of the event here.

Dr. Mindaugas Kazlauskas

Since 2017 September, the Creative Society and Economy Institute (CSEI) of Kazimieras Simonavičius University has been led by Dr. Mindaugas Kazlauskas.

The Director seeks to make CSEI the most important interdisciplinary research center for the creative economy and fashion industry in the Baltic region, maintaining close links with foreign universities and academics, offering high quality, viable and interesting studies.

M. Kazlauskas’ Ph. D. degree is in Humanities from Vytautas Magnus University. His areas of scientific interests are communication theory, philosophy of consciousness and eco-phenomenology.

M. Kazlauskas is experienced in working as a coordinator of programmes and projects in other Lithuanian higher education institutions, as well as an external expert in European Union projects. He also has pedagogical work experience at universities and secondary schools.

The head of the CSEI invites students, lecturers and all those with proposals for the activities of the CSEI to submit them in the meeting or by email: mindaugas.kazlauskas@ksu.lt. For everyday study questions, please contact the study coordinators by e-mail nuolatinis@ksu.lt or istestinis@ksu.lt.


Kazimieras Simonavičius University Central Building and 5 years anniversary was held today. The new building (Dariaus ir Girėno st. 21, Vilnius) was symbolically opened with the lightening of the ice sculpture representing a rocket from Kazimieras Simonavičius sketches. Education and Science Vice-Minister Assoc. Prof. Dr. Giedrius Viliūnas, Chairman of Vilnius City Municipality Committee on Culture, Education and Sports Vytautas Mitalas and Auxiliary Bishop Arūnas Poniškaitis participated in the event and gave the greeting speeches.





January 26th, Bachelor‘s and Master‘s diplomas were served to Kazimieras Simonavičius University graduates: 17th Law Masters and 2nd international Business Law Bachelors, 1st Entrepreneurship and management Bachelors, 2nd Creative and Cultural Industries Bachelors, 1st Fashion Industry Bachelors, 1st Entertainment and tourism industries Bachelors, 1st Political Communication and journalism Bachelors.

The graduates were congratulated by KSU Rector Prof. Dr. Arūnas Augustinaitis, Law Faculty Dean Dr. Aida Kišūnaitė, Business School lecturer Dr. Austė Kiškienė, Creative Society and Economy Institute director Assoc. Prof. Dr. Remigijus Venckus, Head of Economic Linguistics Cathedral Prof. Dr. Elena Jolanta Zabarskaitė and Creative and Cultural Industries graduate Olesia Kazoit.

Dear colleagues,

Being together, long and sincere talks, cheerful jokes, pleasant meetings, genuine wishes, pleasing surprises and endless cosiness – all of these things create the real holiday. Season‘s greetings and a happy New Year! I wish you cosy holidays, meaningful and creative year!

I kindly invite you to watch the video greetings from the community of Kazimieras Simonavičius University. To watch the video, please click the picture below or the link: .


Prof. Dr. Arūnas Augustinaitis
Kazimieras Simonavičius University Rector


On November 2nd, Lithuanians remember those who are passed away. Due to that on October 28th at 6 p. m. the experimental photography exhibition called “Amnesia. No’ones gaze” will be opened in Šiauliai. The author of the exhibition is Kazimieras Simonavičius University Creative Society and Economy Institute director assoc. prof. dr. Remigijus Venckus. The author dedicates the exhibition for those who are passed away and forgotten. Works which are made of funeral photos continues the idea of former cycle “Amnesia” and the concept of the post-photography.

The exhibition opening: October 28th at 6 p.m.

Exhibition duration: October 28th – December 1st

Address: Laiptų galerija (Laiptai Gallery), Žemaitės str. 83, Šiauliai (Lithuania).



Director of Creative Society and Economy Institute assoc. prof. dr. Remigijus Venckus will visit the Estonian Academy of Arts on September 26-30. The visit marks the beginning of cooperation between Kazimieras Simonavičius University and Estonian Academy of Arts.

Director will meet the Tallinn Art Academy senior researcher assoc. prof. dr. Raivo Kelomees on September 28th.

According to assoc. prof. dr. R. Venckus, dr. Raivo Kelomees is one of the most famous contemporary media art explorers in Estonia, he has also engaged in the practice of video art and has been invited to many universities as a lecturer. We hope that in the future assoc. prof. dr. R. Kelomees will visit Kazimieras Simonavičius University too.



This year a new course Fashion Journalism was added to Fashion Industry study program. Second year students learnt fundamental of fashion publishing and text writing and also done the final project. They created a new original publication about fashion.

‘Despite the fact that this task wasn’t accepted very enthusiastically’, say lecturers Reda Šatūnienė and Kristina Stankevičiūtė, ‘we were really surprised with the results. Publications created by students could compete with most of the Lithuanian fashion and lifestyle journals. All of the projects are interesting and reflecting todays issues.

Youthful, dashing and contemporary magazine I2EYE created by Augustė Paulauskaitė, Simona Jankutė , Karina Kurilovičiūtė ir Airida Petkevičiūtė became the best project. Except a few photos of foreign designers collections, all of the publishing works students did by themselves: created the conception of the magazine, wrote the articles, done the photoshoots and the interviews, created design, magazine layout, stylistics and the mood, selected the photographs, models and themes.

Students evaluated their work critically because the joy of creation was often clouded by organizational troubles. But lecturers think that information got during the lectures was perfectly adapted to practical work and that experience lack was fully offset with youthful ambitious and creativity.

We congratulate students with great work and hope that Fashion Journalism course will present more pleasant surprises next year.

You can take a look of the magazine I2EYE here.