Orientation Day at KSU

The International Relations Office organizes Orientation Day every year to introduce new international students to Vilnius and to the Lithuanian university system. During the day, we offer a number of events and presentations covering various academic and social subjects. We strongly recommend you take part in it.

Orientation Day takes place in the week before lectures start. During this time, incoming students are shown around the university by buddy students. It is an excellent opportunity to meet other students and to start adapting to everyday life in KSU.

The programme for the Orientation Day is usually posted both on the Facebook page (a member of the International Relations Office will invite incoming students to join the private KSU page), and in the KSU official website, shortly before the start of the semester.

A buddy can give advice on everyday issues such as shopping or mobile phone and provide you with tips on how to spend the spare time. Over the course of the semester, international students can turn to buddy whenever they have a question.

We believe this initiative helps both local and international students to become culturally, academically and linguistically integrated with each other.

Please, do not forget that buddies do their work as volunteers. Therefore, students cannot demand any assistance that exceeds their competence as a helping contact person.