Welcome to open lectures on brand, cinema and intercultural communication

On 11 February we kindly invite KSU students and others to open lectures at Kazimieras Simonavičius University by international lecturers.

Lecturer Ömer AYDINLIOĞLU from Cumhuriyet University (Turkey) will give lecture „Brand Placement in Turkey”. Lecture will start at 12.00 in room no. 204.

Professors Juan Manuel Barceló Sánchez ir Francisco Cabezuelo Lorenzo from University of Madrid (Spain) will give lecture „Communication strategies and intercultural communication in companies”. Lecture will start at 14.20 in room no. 214.

Lecturer Ozan Özpay from Cumhuriyet University (Turkey) will give lecture „History of Turkish cinema”. Lecture will start at 16.05 in room no. 204.