Open lecture of Vytautas Kaikaris – Aviation: Beauty and the Beast (as seen by Small Planet)

Vytautas Kaikaris

Aviation is one of the toughest industries with a deadly combination – low margins and high risk. However, there is a romantic side to it and aviators are known for their passion, says Vytautas Kaikaris, CEO of Small Planet Group who will speak in the #5 edition of the #AviationintheMaking meeting series on 12th of April, 6 pm.

Kazimieras Simonavičius university in partnership with Friendly Avia Support organizes a lectures series on specialized topics in the field of Aviation. is an informal space where aviation leaders, professionals and students meet.

Vytautas Kaikaris has been in aviation industry for 10 years, starting as CEO of “flyLAL Lithuanian Airlines” he is now CEO of “Small Planet Group”. In his presentation he will speak about the good and bad aspects of aviation industry from the perspective of Small Planet. As Vytautas Kaikaris states, this presentation will explore the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of aviation.

The current situation within the world of aviation is very optimistic, although there are a number of contradictions. The big players are buying out the small ones, challenges within aviation security are on the constant increase, and new areas of operation and regulation come into play as drones and commercial space flight become a reality. Much strategic thinking about the future of air transport needs to be accomplished as it predetermines the economy within the entire region. International Air Transport Association predicts that air travel will double within the next 20 years and freight air transport is already one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy within the European Union. What do aviation leaders think of such predictions?

The series of talks on aviation industry is organized by Kazimieras Simonavičius University, the only University in the region with Aviation Management study programme and the company Friendly Avia Support.

The lecture is free with registration.

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