KSU Students’ EU Legal Journey with Erasmus

The Erasmus+ Combined Intensive Programme “Strengthening the Legal Understanding of the EU Institutions and their Functioning” concluded on March 8th, and left a lasting impact on all participants. Seven dedicated KSU Law students embarked on this educational journey.

Beginning with remote lectures led by seasoned EU lecturers and the esteemed President of the Court of Justice of the European Union, Koen Lenaerts, the programme provided a robust foundation in EU law. After conquering remote sessions and passing a rigorous test, our KSU students journeyed to Belgium to join fellow participants.

In Belgium, the learning continued with immersive studies in international law, complemented by enriching field trips and informal gatherings. A highlight for many was the simulated European Parliament debate and vote at Leuven City Hall, leaving an indelible mark on their understanding of EU governance.

Reflecting on this transformative experience, Benas Mockus, a KSU Law student, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to deepen his knowledge of European Union law while forging meaningful connections with peers from diverse European backgrounds.

This remarkable programme was made possible through the collaboration of the  institutions including the University of Applied Sciences of Leuven, Kazimieras Simonavičius University, Lumsa University, Abertay Dundee University, University of Alba Julia, Leiria Institute, Leiden University of Applied Sciences, IUT Villetaneuse, EPHEC, and Villanueva University.