KSU Participates in the Academic Integrity League Forum in Kazakhstan

On 19th April, KSU’s Vice-Rector, Dr. Loreta Tauginienė, represented the university at the prestigious Academic Integrity League Forum held in Kazakhstan, hosted by Almaty Management University. Dr. Tauginienė showcased the legal advancements of the Lithuanian model of research ethics, highlighting the role of the Ombudsman for Academic Ethics and Procedures and Lithuania’s contribution to the European research ecosystem.
Dr. Tauginienė shared her insights on the complexities of fostering academic integrity, stating, “There is no one specific instrument that works effectively to promote academic integrity. It is the use of a variety of instruments to promote academic integrity that is important to bring about change in the academic environment, and academic culture. This requires consistency and courage.”
The forum sparked considerable interest among participants in exploring potential collaborations with KSU to enhance academic integrity. Discussions also delved into the impact of artificial intelligence on future generations’ skills, pedagogical innovations, and strategies to boost academic performance.
Celebrating its fifth anniversary, the League for Academic Integrity in Kazakhstan continues to unite approximately 20 universities, fostering a collaborative academic environment. The event drew about 200 delegates from Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, the Philippines, China, and other Central Asian nations, underlining its growing significance in the global academic community.