How we will start a new academic year?

Kazimieras Simonavičius University is a space of science and learning based on the creation of innovations and inventions, where we invite all members of the University community to return!

Please be informed that KSU will organise a new academic year from the 1st September, and it will start in a contact way – studies will be conducted live at the University.   

According to the decision of the Government, all members of the University community – students, lecturers, administrative staff – will be able to enter the University and the lectures will be held there only with a valid Opportunity Passport.

For people who cannot be vaccinated, we will seek to ensure the highest quality and as smooth as possible study process in a distance. We will organise some study subjects and modules in autumn semester in a remote, mixed or hybrid way. Students will be able to check the format of the lectures in the schedules.

Let’s invent a new reality together!