From KSU to Embry-Riddle: Fulfilling Dreams in the Skies

At Kazimieras Simonavičius University (KSU), dreams take flight, and for Augustė Starkutė, the sky was never the limit. From watching rocket launches in her backyard to earning a prestigious Fulbright scholarship, her journey embodies the spirit of exploration and ambition.

Augustė’s odyssey began with a Bachelor’s degree in Aviation Management at KSU, where she was nurtured by expert guidance from luminaries like Dr. Konstantinos Kalligiannis. Inspired by her mentor, she set her sights on furthering her education abroad, driven by the scarcity of aviation studies in Lithuania. With determination as her compass, she embarked on a quest for excellence.

Her destination? Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in the United States, a beacon of innovation in aviation education. Here, Augustė found herself not only equipped with the knowledge gleaned from her undergraduate studies but also enriched by her hands-on experience in airport operations and travel agencies. The transition from KSU to Embry-Riddle felt seamless, a testament to the quality of education she received back home.

“Studying for a Master’s degree in the United States is entirely up to the student,“Augustė reflects. “It’s about the pace of learning and the resources at hand.” Armed with a Fulbright scholarship, she seized the opportunity to delve deeper into her passion for aviation, aspiring to specialize in safety, security, and sustainability management.

The Fulbright Scholarship, a symbol of academic excellence and cultural exchange, became her ticket to realizing her dreams. Initiated by the US Embassy in Lithuania, this prestigious award empowers scholars to pursue their chosen fields of study in the United States. Augustė’s application in the spring of 2022 paved the way for her to join the academic cohort of 2023/2024, marking the beginning of a transformative journey.

As she prepares to immerse herself in her studies, Augustė remains steadfast in her commitment to her homeland. “According to the Fulbright scholarship requirements, it is mandatory to return to your home country,” she affirms. Her sights set on contributing to the aviation landscape in Lithuania, she embraces the opportunity to pay it forward, nurturing the aspirations of future aviators.

To those who dare to dream of soaring to new heights, Augustė offers sage advice: “Be brave, seize every opportunity, and never give up. Your journey may have turbulence, but perseverance will always be your copilot.“