8 Blitz Questions and Answers with Haruto

Haruto Masuda, originally from Osaka, Japan, is currently in his second year studying Business Management at Kazimieras Simonavičius University (KSU). We asked him to respond to 8 questions about his studies and experiences at KSU.

  1. Could you briefly introduce yourself?

My name is Haruto; I’m from Osaka, Japan. My favorite activities are cycling, travel, football, photography, and fishing.

  1. What motivated your decision to join KSU?

I was searching for a university without any Japanese students. In Lithuania, other universities have some students from my country, but KSU doesn’t. It was a major motivation for me.

  1. Why did you choose Lithuania?

Lithuania offers a rich history, easy airport access, and abundant nature, which I appreciate after growing up in bustling Osaka. Vilnius’s smaller size is ideal for me.

  1. How do KSU students differ from those in Japan? Are there any notable distinctions? 

Yes! I think the differences stem from educational backgrounds. In Japan, education is mostly passive. People are good at memorising but discussing topics can be challenging. I see it myself – I am not used to it. Also in Japan, people might have opinions, but it’s more important to maintain harmony and try to avoid conflict in groups.

  1. What has been the most unexpected aspect of studying in Lithuania? 

I haven’t attended university in Japan, so I can’t compare exactly, but many students here are relaxed, and professors are friendly towards students.

  1. What are KSU’s strengths and areas needing improvement?

Strengths: KSU uniquely offers Aviation Management and Fashion Industry. Being smaller than Vilnius University and MRU, it offers opportunities to interact with other students and Erasmus students.

Improvement areas: The need for water dispensers, better chairs, and more interaction with Lithuanian students to understand their viewpoints and approaches better.

  1. Can you share three key insights from your time in Lithuania?

As my experiences are mostly in Vilnius:

– Vilnius is safe, calm, and nature-rich, great for students.

– The Lithuanian economy is growing, showing visible developments.

–  Lithuania is a small country. You can make connections easily.

  1. What are your plans for the next five years? 

I plan to work in Lithuania after my studies, if possible. For me, Lithuania has become a second home.