Miguel Pérez Valls is a distinguished academic from Universidad de Almería, Spain. Specializing in Strategic Management, he earned his PhD in Business and Economics in 2009. Miguel currently serves as the Full Professor of Management, overseeing research, heading various projects, and instructing at multiple academic levels. Previously, he held several esteemed positions at the same university, progressively advancing from a Part-time Instructor to Tenured Associate Professor. Miguel’s commitment to research is highlighted by multiple grants, with him spearheading projects like “Migrations: ScapeRoom” and “Pan-EU network of digital education passport centres in higher education”. He boasts an impressive 24 publications, with notable works in journals like Technovation and Business Strategy and the Environment. Apart from his academic endeavors, he’s the volunteer President of Asociación Ítaca para el Desarrollo de la Infancia y Juventud. Throughout his career, Miguel has been recognized with multiple awards, including the Outstanding Service Award by the Academy of Management and multiple RESEARCHER EXCELLENCE AWARDS from Universidad de Almería.