Leon Conrad is a versatile and accomplished professional with a wide range of expertise in publishing, education, and communication. His academic journey includes degrees and certifications in music, education, and the history of design and material culture, reflecting his diverse interests. In the realm of publishing, Leon curates works centered around storytelling and education, providing educational opportunities to young writers, and guiding them through the publication process. Between 2012 and 2016, Leon played a crucial role in setting up the Liberal Arts focused ‘Liberalis Books’ imprint at John Hunt Publishing. As a freelance editor and proofreader, he has helped numerous authors achieve publication, nurturing aspiring writers along the way. Leon is co-founder of the Academy of Oratory (previously The Conrad Voice Consultancy). A passionate advocate for classical liberal arts education, Leon founded The Traditional Tutor in 2010 and has won awards for his work both as a tutor and as a published author. Leon’s artistic side shines through as a storyteller, writer, and poet, conducting engaging workshops and performances in schools, HE institutions, and for business. His academic prowess is demonstrated by numerous published articles and academic papers spanning topics from story structure to design history and voice-centered communication skills. Outside of his professional pursuits, Leon is an expert in historic needlework techniques and a multilingual individual proficient in English, French, and Italian, with additional skills in Russian and a basic knowledge of Arabic, Spanish, and German. His book, Story and Structure: A complete guide is the recipient of nine literary awards including IPNE Non-Fiction Book of the Year (2022) and was shortlisted for The People’s Book Prize (2022).