Master of Business Administration
Part – time studies

Duration – 1,5 years
Language – Russian
Location – Vilnius
Tuition fee for all studies: 8000 EUR (+application fee 100 EUR for non EU students)

About the Programme

Business Administration programme of the Kazimieras Simonavičius University Centre for Business Education has been registered and accredited by the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (SKVC) in 2016.

The programme is a practice-oriented and is especially designed for professional managers with multidimensional educational background who have a need to expand the knowledge and skills in the field of Business Management.

The process of study is organized in the format of studying blocks in Vilnius. Classes include interactive discussions, group projects, and focus on the issues of the programme participants’ companies.

The programme is aimed at senior and top managers of the Baltic – Black Sea Region: Belarus, Lithuania as well as Ukraine, Moldova, Latvia. The programme administration is focused on implementation the concept of Development in Diversity and thus believes that diversity in country, age and industry representation of the programme participants contributes to the mutual enrichment of their experiences and business ideas.

Curriculum of the Business Administration (MBA) programme includes wide perspective of contemporary business leader activities: strategy, marketing, financial management, organizational development. Graduates of the programme will see the Big Picture and will find effective comprehensive solutions for the sustainable development of their organizations.

The Business Administration (MBA) programme combines both traditional courses for such level programmes (Strategic Management, Corporate Finance, Evolution of Management and International Leadership, etc.) and those of particular relevance in contemporary world (Philosophy of Marketing and Effective Marketing Strategies, Human Capital Management, Creativity, and Innovations, Change Management, Knowledge Management and Learning Organization and others.)

Graduates of the KSU MBA programme are:

– having a systematic knowledge about the latest economic trends and business practices, including those obtained on the basis of their own professional managerial experience;

– using the advanced knowledge to optimize the business processes in a rapidly changing environment;

– developing personal leadership skills which inherent in each programme participant;

– getting the skills to apply the acquired knowledge and creative thinking to develop effective strategies and to make the most effective managerial decisions.

Graduates of the Business Administration (MBA) programme are the core of the new business elite who is able to communicate with representatives of other countries’ businesses in the same language, and spread contemporary management knowledge and techniques in the countries of the Region.

The Business Administration programme is focused to achieve such objectives as:

  • educating professional managers with the knowledge of a wide spectrum of relevant concepts and business development models;
  • training of managers to be able to respond adequately to the nowadays challenges and facilitate transformation of the global economy;
  • preparation of a new generation of entrepreneurs who would be able to use the acquired knowledge for creation and development of businesses in the new global economic system;
  • training of managers to be capable to manage companies in the most effective way, to be involved in international cooperation and international division of labour.

In accordance with the Centre for Business Education mission, the MBA programme promotes the involvement of entrepreneurs of Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova in business and intellectual continuum of the European Union, creating unconventional knowledge, teaching active people by the nonstandard thinking.

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