Lifelong learning is currently a popular phrase in modern offices and businesses. Today it is no longer sufficient to have a high school diploma, because the world is constantly evolving and requires sophisticated people. In this respect, the division of KSU – Competence Development Centre (CDC) – offers a variety of training courses for leaders and training for those who are just taking their first steps towards professionalism.

The centre is open to anyone who wants to improve. Knowledge acquired in studies is successfully used by business representatives, students, and freelance workers.

Currently, CDC offers both short-term and long-term courses in the fields of marketing, communications, law, business management, IT, aviation, and others. The CDC also organizes educational events and lectures for teachers and employees of educational establishments.

It is noted that from 2 January 2013 KSU is included in the list of training considerations of the state service and from April 2016 the University was granted a permit to organise private detective courses.

The centre is aimed at creating conditions for additional continuing adult learning and implementing the principle of lifelong learning.