Master of Laws (Integrated studies)
Full-time studies – 5 years
Part-time studies – 5 years
Online studies – 5 years
Languages – Lithuanian and English
(some courses are taught in English)
Location – Klaipėda


For a personality, who is...

fair and seeking justice,

has analytical thinking skills and a strong sense of responsibility,

“stands firmly on the ground” while at the same time is very understanding,

always want to know the causes and consequences of the event,

able to communicate.

Wants to become a...






lawyer in both private and public sector institutions.

Wants to be able to...

carry out basic research of the law,

apply the knowledge of criminal justice in practice,

apply knowledge in the civil law area in business and finance,

investigate and deal with a variety of legal situations, conflicts, criminal and civil cases,

provide legal services and advice to citizens and businesses.

About the programme

The programme of integrated studies of Law is classical studies of law simultaneously combining the undergraduate and graduate studies. The study programme provides the fundamental legal knowledge and skills, which are regulated by normative documents. The whole of subjects is the basis, in addition to specific qualification restrictions, to pursue a career in all major areas of legal activities.

The aim of the integrated studies of law is to train the legal specialists of highest qualification, with systematic knowledge of the science of law, able to link, scientifically justify, provide the value approach and practical use the knowledge and methods of different fields of law, provide legal assessment situations and solve problems.

During the legal studies, theoretical studies are linked to the maximum extent to practical activity, accumulation of experience and research, building the valuable active approach to modern life, educating special communication skills and career planning.

Study subjects:

English language / Administrative and Administrative Procedure Law / Bankruptcy Law / Criminal Law / Criminal Procedure Law / Civil Law / Civil Procedure Law / Labour Law / Insurance Law / Economic Theory / European Union Law / Philosophy / Finance Law / Information and Communication Technologies / Intellectual Property Law / Legal Rhetoric / Competition Law / Constitutional Law / Logic / Latin Language / Tax Law and Tax Administration / History of Political, Legal and Economic Theories / Roman Law / Social Research Methods / Family Law / International Private Law / International Public Law / Law History / Theory of Law / Institutions of Law / Consumer Law / Business and Commercial Law