Bachelor of Laws
Full-time studies
Duration – 3,5 years
Language – English
Location – Vilnius
Tuition fee per year: 3400 EUR (+application fee 100 EUR for non EU students)

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For a personality, who is...

observant and careful,

likes to analyze and look for links between various phenomena,

has analytical skills,

fair and seeks justice.

Wants to become a...

private detective,

founder and director of a detective company,

investigator in police investigating departments, financial and economic crime investigation services and other law enforcement agencies.

Wants to be able to...

engage in the production of individuals and property,

investigate commercial espionage cases,

work as a private detective,

provide and organize detective enterprises,

work in police investigating units,

investigate financial and economic crimes,

engage in vindication and detective activities,

provide legal advice on economic security issues.

About the programme

Successful development of economic activity means good knowledge of principles of organization of law and business, having the necessary economic and legal knowledge and understanding of the processes taking place in the world, in the development of economy and business-friendly legal environment.

One of the key targets of the studies of law and economy safety is to provide conceptual knowledge and understanding of the law not only as the legal system, but also as a social phenomenon which helps create the economy, and which proper understanding enables the development of business and sustainable community. This cannot be achieved without having fundamental knowledge of law and other social sciences, without analysing the role of globalization and integration processes for the economy and business.

Study subjects:

English language / Administrative and Administrative Procedure Law / Person and Property Protection Law / Bankruptcy Law /Banks and Finance Law / Criminal Law / Criminal Procedure Law / Civil Law / Civil Procedure Law / Labour Law / Economic Theory / Economic and Financial Criminal Activity Investigation / European Union Law / Commercial and Financial activity protection / Constitutional Law /Criminal Intelligence / Criminology / Logic / Latin Language / Tax Law and Tax Administration / Roman Law / International Public Law / Law History / Theory of Law / Replevin and Detective activity

Optional subjects:

Sociology / Philosophy / Notary Law / Arbitration in Lithuania and abroad / Insurance Law / Bailiff Law / Information Registers and Technologies of Law