Bachelor of Informatics
Full-time studies
Duration – 3,5 years
Languages – English
Location – Vilnius
Tuition fee per year: 5800 EUR (+application fee 100 EUR for non EU students)

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For a personality, who is...

willing to move forward and constantly improve,

interested in the latest technologies and inventions

able to collect and analyze information,

has analytic skills,

looks for a prospective profession.

Wants to become an...

internet network engineer,

cyber security specialist, analyst or consultant,

online content and mobile application developer,

IT specialist,

new business founder or manager.

Wants to be able to...

design and control telecommunication links and Internet networks,

customize the Internet for business and economic solutions,

work with cloud computing and mobile technologies,

program and maintain databases,

ensure cyber security and counter its attacks.

About the programme

The mission of the Internet Engineering programme of studies is to train highly qualified Internet engineering professionals keenly aware of telecommunications networks and the role of the Internet in them, who understand the Internet network architecture and its operation patterns, contribute to the development of the information society and have a broad, multidisciplinary, integral critical scientific and practical thinking, that allows to see the possibilities to adapt the Internet to new technological and business solutions in various economic and social fields.

Students are taught to apply knowledge professionally in the work in modern web engineering environment sectors: cloud computing, mobile technology, social websites or database management.

Like each science-oriented field of study, undergraduate training programme is highly focused on large subject: cyber security, telecommunications, programming, and mathematics. And, of course, the programme is based on the studies of comprehensive understanding of web-based technologies and electronic information services based on them: mobile technology, social networking, database management and more.

Study subjects:

English Language / Future Internet / Wireless Connection technologies / Internet of Things / Clouds Computing / Discrete Mathematics / Databases and its Management / Data Structures and Algorithms / Economic Theory / E-business informatics / Electronic Communications Law / Internet Architecture / Internet Development Strategy / Cyber Security / Classical Geometry / Computers Network Architecture / Cryptography / Logic / Apps design /  New Media Technology / Reliability on the Internet / Programming Basics / Digital Signals Processing / Applied Programming / Applied Statistics / Telecommunications technologies / Law algebra and mathematic analysis / WEB Technologies

Optional subjects:

Philosophy / Information visualization / IT project management / Sociology