Bachelor of  Laws
Full-time studies
Duration – 3,5 years
Language – English
Location – Vilnius
Tuition fee per year: 3400 EUR  (+application fee 100 EUR for non EU students)

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For a personality, who is...

fair and seeking justice,

has analytical thinking skills and a strong sense of responsibility,

able to communicate,

dreams of an international career,

wants to work in the European Union institutions, international organizations in Lithuania and abroad.

Wants to become a...

specialist of international law not only in Lithuanian but also the European Union private structures (law firms, lawyers ‘offices, various types of international corporations that have invested funds in Lithuania, advising Lithuanian businessmen investing in the markets of the European Union and third countries), and the public sector, especially in institutions operating not only in the territory of Lithuania, but also abroad.


Wants to be able to...

advise organizations on various international of legal issues,

carry out basic research of the law,

apply international knowledge of law in the fields of business and finance,

provide legal services,

investigate and deal with various legal situations with regard to international law, and conflicts.

About the programme

The aim of the programme of studies of International Business Law is to train specialists with high legal qualification in international law, able to think conceptually, to identify and solve a variety of international business regulatory problems, to creatively apply the law in providing professional legal advice, having an international element, and able to, through professional thinking, integral scientific and legal knowledge, understanding of international legal principles, competition rules prevailing in international markets, to independently and actively develop international business, make innovative solutions that enhance competitive advantage and business value internationally.

Successful development of international business means a good understanding of the principles of business organization, having the necessary economic and legal knowledge and a perception of the processes taking place in the world, the role of national and international corporations in the development of the global economy and business-friendly legal environment.

While operating on international market and seeking for economic benefit, one may face differences in legal regulation of economic activity (national, regional or localized features), complex issues of application and interpretation of the law, that arise not only in international business transactions, but also in legal disputes arising between legal entities of different countries, and entities of the same country in courts and arbitration institutions of other countries.

Study subjects:

Administrative and Administrative Procedure Law / Alternative Resolution of International Business Disputes / English Language / Bankruptcy Law / Criminal Law / Criminal Procedure Law / Labour Law / Economic Theory / Electronic Communications Law / European Union Law / Intellectual Property Law / Competition Law / Constitutional Law / Logic / Latin Language / Roman Law / International Comparative Tax Law / International Trade Law / Private International Law / Public International Law / International Human Rights / / Law History / Theory of Law /